Impactful influences

I sometimes wonder whether the people who have affected us the most know that they have done so.

Today I’m thinking about this a lot because I just heard news that the kind gentleman who used to help me read the Q’uran and taught me countless prayers for many years passed away last night. And I don’t think he knew how much he influenced my life.

I think about him everyday when I pray simply because he was the one who taught me the prayers. I hear the rhythmic cadence of his voice in every prayer and so I inevitably pray for him whenever I pray for myself.

I remember that I never heard him raise his voice. I remember he had one of those pens that had four colours in them and he liked to look at the goldfish in our fish tank. I remember that he had the kindest smile and he looked so happy to be teaching us things that were so precious to him. He was sharing his treasure with me and he shone from the inside out.

I will still think of him every day even though he will never know. I’m so sad that he has gone but I am so happy that I had the privilege to be one of his students. And I hope that one day I can leave that same indelible mark on somebody else’s spirit. A mark that’s brilliantly pure and sparks the light of the soul to shine brighter, bigger and better.

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