Vice – The Lota

I wrote for Vice about Muslims and bottom washing simply because there’s not much written about it and I figured I could be the one writing about it. Why not right?

I remember finding an old website called The Lota Blog, which was basically a round up of all the stuff Muslim people experience when they use lotas to wash their bums with and only discuss with each other. But I can’t find it anymore!

I also read this by Wajahat Ali on the secrets of the Muslim bathroom, which is so funny and absolutely true. Read it if you get a chance. It really made me laugh.

BBC Asian Network

I was invited to be interviewed on the Nihal show on the BBC Asian Network last week.

I’d only ever been on radio once before – it was for a chat show and I had to speak in Urdu about cooking.

This time it was an altogether different affair because it was about a controversial topic. I had written for the Telegraph about how I find it easier to make friends with people who share a similar background to me, ie British Asian Muslims, and the show’s producer thought it would make a great discussion point. Continue reading

Ideas Tap – How to do a skills swap

The stereotypical image of a penniless creative may be an unwanted cliche but that doesn’t make it a redundant one.

It can seem downright impossible to get anywhere in the industry without upsetting an already-meagre bank balance. However, a skills swap is an easy ‘no-money-method’ to learning something new or getting a professional service for free. Know how to truss a chicken? Why not teach a coder to cook in exchange for a free update to your website? 

I wrote more about skill swapping here!

Vice – Professional Bakers are Lopsided

Before becoming a journalist I was a baker. So I wrote about all of the bad bits of baking for a living for Vice. Read it. It’s good.


There were lots of great things about my old job too. My favourite parts were ‘pinching the peaks’ on lemon meringue pies, scooping golden syrup up with my hand to pour onto individual puddings and coating chocolate cakes in fudge icing. I still love to bake now but the shoddy oven at my new place is broken.  :-(